Monday, July 5, 2010

7-5-10 Expedition Everest

This roller-coaster attraction is located at Animal Kingdom. The train starts out climbing the snowy mountain, passing through bamboo forests, waterfalls and fields of glaciers. Only to find out that the "rail tracks" have been destroyed. At this point, the train turns into a roller-coaster, taking you down the mountain, twisting and turning, backwards then forwards, through darkness, snowy canyons, and treacherous caverns; ultimately bringing you face to face with a Yeti (guardian of the Himalays). What a ride!!!

7-4-10 Liberty Square Singers

This ensemble appears at the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom. Their sound is impeccable. They perform in the atrium before you enter the theater to watch a 22-minute show about how the presidents shaped America. All the presidents are featured as an audio-animatronic. The sound, move and look like the real presidents. President Obama even recorded his figure's speech.

7-3-10 Stroller Parking

Totally amazed by the number of strollers at Disney World. There are actual "parking" signs where you can park your stroller before going to an attraction.

7-2-10 The Dapper Dans

This post is in honor of my dad. These are the Dapper Dans, a barbershop quartet that sing on Main Street Disney at Magic Kingdom. My understanding is if you are a barbershop quartet singer, you can sing with them. As a barbershoper, my dad has done this. Keep on Singing, Dad!