Sunday, June 13, 2010

6-13-10 Flooding at the Lake

Last night, we had over 4 inches of rain in a very short amount of time. This caused the city lake to come out of it's banks. In the 38 years we've been going to this lake, I've rarely seen this happen. The lake does have a natural spillway that empties into the federal reservior, so it won't be out of it's banks for very long. However, tonight, the forcast is for more rain.

6-12-10 Molly and the Squirrels

Our neighbors dachshund, Molly, loves to chase the squirrels. Once she has chased one up a tree, she will sit there for 30 minutes or longer waiting for it. What she doesn't realize is that the squirrel has crawled along the branches, jumped to another tree and is telling all of his squirrel friends how he has once again, slipped away from that crazy canine.

6-11-10 Totem Pole

Not sure if these people are Native American, Alaskan, or just like to have totem poles. They have had this at the lake for years.