Monday, May 31, 2010

5-31-10 Eating At the Feeder

Caught this bird (not sure what kind) at my neighbor's feeder today. It was fun watching the birds come and go, especially a blue jay, who was too large to perch on the feeder.

5-30-10 Honeysuckle

Down by the lake, we have a patch of honeysuckle that grows back every year. When the breeze is blowing just right you can smell the sweetness. I remember when I was a kid, I would pick the blossom, pinch the end of the blossom and pull the stamen out very slowly to reveal the drop of necture at the end, then put it up to my mouth to taste the sweetness. Yummm.....

5-29-10 A Homeless Birdy

Went walking with Keilo today and found a bird's nest that had been blown out of the evergreen tree above. Looking at the branches I could see how easy it was to have become dislodged.

5-28-10 Cottonwood Country

Went to the lake (located in the Flint Hills) today and wondered what this white stuff was on the ground. Upon closer look, determined that the Cottonwoods were in bloom. In this part of the state (Northeastern Kansas) Cottonwoods are plentiful. This cotton-y stuff helps to carry the seed in the Kansas wind.